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June  1, 2015, we are moving to 30 Germantown Road in Danbury, 06810.  (That’s Germantown Plaza where Rite Aid is located.  Our new office is between Augie’s #1 Restaurant/Pizzeria and Cat Clinic.)  We are  keeping the  SAME PHONE and  FAX NUMBERS.  The new office is two miles from our current location – and just down the hill from Danbury Hospital.  In the meantime, we will continue seeing patients at our current location –  93 West Street in Danbury.   Whether you already bring your children to us or not, drop in and see our new office.   We’ll gladly give you a tour.  For those who are not already part of RTR Pediatrics, Dr. Paulhus would love to say a quick HELLO  if she’s available.  If you’d like to a more formal introduction to Dr. Paulhus, we’d be happy to set up a no-charge appointment  for this purpose.

We are always accepting new patients.  (HUSKY, AETNA, ANTHEM BC/BS, CIGNA, CONNECTICARE, UNITED HEALTH CARE, and UNINSURED patients)  Getting an appointment is simple, and though it’s great if you have medical records (especially immunization records) at the time of your child’s first appointment, it is not required.  Maybe you’d like to use our services one or more times before deciding if you’d like to stay.  We welcome that.

RTR PEDIATRICS is a privately-owned practice.  Our goal is to provide excellent, personalized care.  If you do not have health insurance, let us know.  We will work with you and your budget.  No application, proof of eligibility, or proof of income required.  Call us today so we can answer your questions.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Click or tap on the video below for a quick hello by Dr. Paulhus, the founder of RTR Pediatrics.  

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Hmmmm … what about that name, “RTR Pediatrics”? 

Dr. Paulhus has great memories (and loads of stories!) of her residency at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.  When a patient was to be admitted to the hospital from the ER, the interns and residents kept an eye on the dry erase board that contained their patient’s name, diagnosis, and the ward to which they were going. When everything was ready, a big RTR - yes, in big, red letters – was written in the last column, signifying READY TO ROLL, and off the patient went.  Dr. Paulhus loved that term, and continued to use it in post-Yale days.  RTR Pediatrics was the perfect name for the new practice, especially after – thanks be to God – her recovery from a car accident, and a joyous return to medicine.

Click here to see Dr. Paulhus’ book on AMAZON: “CRIB TO COLLEGE – A Parents’ (Or Anyone’s!) Crash Course in Pediatrics”

RTR PEDIATRICS    93 West Street    Danbury, CT  06810     203.628.7891