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Final Cover, Crib To College - P.A. Paulhus - 1.01.13

Message from Dr. Paulhus:  Thanks for your interest in my e-book, “CRIB TO COLLEGE – A Parents’ (Or Anyone’s!) Crash Course in Pediatrics”    $5.99

Easily downloadable to any device or computer, this is a quick and easy read (91 pages for the original print version) for expecting, new, or experienced parents, grandparents, teachers, childcare professionals, or pre-meds, medical students, colleagues, anyone!

I’ve taken some of the most common and helpful conversations from the hospital and exam room over my career, and compiled them into “CRIB TO COLLEGE – A Parents’ (Or Anyone’s!) Crash Course in Pediatrics”.  An encouraging and useful guide, covered topics include choosing a pediatrician, giving birth, newborn care, growth and development, safety, accident prevention, immunizations (I totally believe in them), antibiotics, the well vs. the sick visit, adolescence, the send-off to college, and more.  My goal was to be thorough, yet brief so even the most exhausted/overloaded can conquer the book.  Besides, I want you to spend more time with your kids than reading books on how to do that!

If you are considering a career in medicine, or just curious about a day in the life, you will especially enjoy the epilogue, “Medical School and Beyond:  Becoming and Being A Doctor”.  Reflecting on medical school days at New York Medical College, residency at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, and pediatrician life in the real world, I hope it will inspire you to become a physician – especially a pediatrician!

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