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Are you accepting new patients?  Yes.  Always.

Is RTR Pediatrics a government, city, or health network clinic?  No. RTR Pediatrics is  a privately-owned and independently-managed practice.

What must I do to use your services?   There is no need to pre-register. However, if you’d like to pre-register or schedule an appointment, we are happy to accommodate you. Please bring a photo ID (license, passport, etc.) and your child’s health insurance card if he has one.

What health insurance plans do you take?   HUSKY Health Connecticut, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Connecticare, and United Health Care.  More to follow…

My child has been approved for health insurance, but we do not have the cards yet.  Can we use your services?  Yes – for any of the following insurance plans – HUSKY Health Connecticut, Aetna, Anthem BC/BS, Cigna, Connecticare, and United Health Care.  We know that the process can take a while, and we do not want your child to miss out on medical care in the process.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.  We look forward to meeting you!

How will I know if my insurance plan permits and pays for a visit at RTR Pediatrics?  Many insurance companies allow  you to see any physician, as long as he or she is a participating provider in your plan.  Some health insurance companies also allow you to see doctors who are not on your plan.  A simple call to the insurance company should give you this answer.

I do not have health insurance.  What will it cost for a visit?  Please call the office and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

Can I reach Dr. Paulhus when the office is closed? Yes. Dr. Paulhus is on call for urgent matters, and only for those who have already received care at the office.  On the first visit at the office, patients and caregivers will receive instructions on how to reach Dr. Paulhus after hours.

What languages do you speak at RTR Pediatrics?  The overall primary language of the office is English, but our doctor speaks some Spanish too.  If your primary language is something other than English, we suggest you bring an interpreter (over the age of 18) with you.   If your child (the patient) speaks English, neither he nor any other child will be permitted to act as an interpreter.

My child already has a pediatrician.  May I use your services?   Yes.  We welcome you to use our services once, sometimes, or always.

What if my child only needs a shot, blood test, or something other than an entire physical exam?  Can you help us?   Yes.

Must I have all my child’s medical records before he can be seen at RTR Pediatrics?   No, not necessary.  But, please bring any records you have from the U.S. or elsewhere.  This includes a record of vaccinations, growth charts, copies of any completed physical exam forms,  list of medications, and any other information pertaining to your child’s health.  (If you cannot find your child’s immunization record, one should be on file at your child’s school.)  Do not worry if you have few or no records. Bring what you have.  For any first time visit – whether by walk-in or by appointment – please allow extra time for registration.

What if I have no insurance and need to have laboratory tests?   What are their fees?   We work with a lab that reaches out to those lacking health insurance.  When possible, we will collect the blood, urine, or other sample(s) at the office and send them to the lab.  All lab tests  incur a separate charge directly from the lab to you.  We can inform you of the fees for the most commonly ordered tests at the time they are being ordered.

What is your philosophy on vaccines?   Dr. Paulhus completely believes in the safety and efficacy of vaccines to keep our children healthy.  She adheres to the conventional schedule of vaccines as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Once I use RTR Pediatrics, must I transfer all my child’s medical records there?   No. However, if you decide to have Dr. Paulhus as his regular doctor, it would be helpful to have the records transferred, but is not mandatory.

I would like to obtain a second opinion or just have a consultation with Dr. Paulhus concerning my child.  Is that possible?   Yes, absolutely.

Can I send my teenager to be seen without me?  Only those eighteen years and older can be seen without a parent or guardian, and only as long as it is not the first visit at the office.

I am unable to accompany my child to see the doctor.  Can I send someone else along with my child?

In this situation, again,  it’s okay as long as it is not the first visit.  Please be sure that an adult over the age of twenty-one accompanies your child.  We have provided a form for your use in this situation.  To access and print the form, click onto the following link:

Substitute Caregiver Note

What if I didn’t find what I was looking for in the FAQ’s?   Give us a call at 203.628.7891, and we will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to meeting you!

RTR PEDIATRICS     30 Germantown Road     Danbury, CT  06810     203.628.7891